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Travel Insurance

For trips like ours, check out these providers of Travel Insurance.

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In 25 years in the Travel Industry, the most common question I am asked is “Do I really need Travel Insurance”? And my answer is always the same. Yes, you do.
It’s a difficult topic to bring up to someone who is planning a dream vacation. Some say, don’t put that energy out there, but the truth is, prudent planning is a part of travel. Here are a few reasons why.
One. Delayed, lost, or stolen baggage. Depending on the plan you purchase, you will get some reprieve in this scenario. Yes, many credit cards include this, so consider this added protection.
Two. Trip Cancellation. This is a huge reason to purchase Travel Insurance. Coverage varies with plans.
Three. The REAL REASON we recommend Travel Insurance, and REQUIRE IT OF TRAVELERS ON OUR TOURS: Medical Emergency and Emergency Evacuation. Reimbursement for these two situations by far is the biggest benefit of coverage. We once had a customer get bitten by a spider in Africa while doing a medical school internship/volunteer program. A few months later as he was backpacking in a different part of the continent, his leg swelled up almost overnight. His only access to medical attention was a rural clinic and with his personal medical training, he knew it was insufficient for his needs. He had developed a fever and other alarming symptoms. He was carrying a Travel Insurance Policy and phoned the toll free number. Within a couple of hours, he was on his way to an airport via ambulance and was flown home in Upper Class where he could elevate his leg. No questions were asked and he was reimbursed for all of the transportation costs and even the visit to the local clinic.The situation could have been a lot worse, and we have worse stories to report, but this is very realistic and realistically easy on the stomach. But imagine trying to arrange all of that with a deadly venom running through your bloodstream all on your own? The Emergency Evacuation coverage is the primary reason most tour operators require Travel Insurance.

For our customers over 70, we recommend Roam Right.