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Trip Types

Custom Tours

Why travel on a Get Out There Tours Group Itinerary? We have done the research for you. We have stayed up late into the night comparing every hotel amenity and location, poured over city and country maps, checked travel logistics and flight schedules, contacted our industry friends and colleagues and brain stormed how we can chisel a tried and true excursion and take it to the next level, and we’ve asked our travel partners again and again to look at pricing one more time so we can be sure we are giving our travelers the best possible itinerary at the best possible rate. 

women on a tour bus

No doubt you will see lower priced tours, but they won’t include our hotel categories, level of expertise, and all the extras we throw in. And to top it off, each Group Tour includes a Get Out There Tours photographer/leader/guide in addition to a local guide on each trip to ensure your adventure is well documented.

Volunteer Travel

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  – Kahlil Gibran

“Voluntourism” as one of our repeat travelers calls it, is a method of travel we highly recommend. We encourage travelers to embark on a transformative journey with our Volunteer Travel experiences, where adventure meets altruism. We believe that travel has the power to change lives, not just for those who explore new horizons, but also for the communities they visit. Our carefully curated volunteer programs offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of a destination, making a meaningful impact through hands-on, sustainable projects. Whether you’re passionate about wildlife conservation, education, or community development, we have a range of options to suit your interests and skills. Travel with a purpose, create lasting memories, and leave a positive mark on the world as you explore, learn, and give back. Join us in making a difference, one journey at a time.

A message from our Founder: 

In November 2022 while traveling with our Serenity in Siam V Group in Chiang Mai, we visited Elephant Nature Park. While there, our ENP escort introduced me to Lek Chailert who had just arrived with a wagon cart full of puppies she had rescued from an Alligator Farm. She was interested in hearing more about Get Out There Tours+Travel and I told her I was bringing a larger group in February 2024 to ENP. She encouraged me to have them stay overnight and volunteer and our ELEPHANT AMBASSADOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM was then formed. In February 2024 7 of our 15 group members participated in our first Elephant Ambassador Volunteer Program. We met with Lek and discussed the plight of the Asian Elephants and what we can do from home to help educate others. We also got to help feed the elephants and even made a cake for two grandma elephants. We visited the rescue dogs and spent time in the three Cat Kingdoms. We co-mingled with other elephant volunteers – some of them there indefinitely. We all left inspired and ready to return. I’ll be arriving back at ENP on January 7 to volunteer for a week. Who will join me?

~ Laura Stegeman, Founder, Get Out There Tours+Travel

Solo Trips

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We started out as Solo Travelers and understand the concept of getting out there on your own and letting the journey unfold as you move about. Sometimes you might need a little help with logistics or a driver here and there, and we are here to help. Whether its help with research or visas or planning the entire trip, we are here for the individual travelers as well. We can help at what ever level is needed.

Honeymoon Travel

Hiking to secret waterfalls in magical Bali or strolling hand-in-hand at sunset on the shores of the Andaman Sea, we’ve got your Honeymoon details covered.

While we all say “this is a once in a lifetime holiday,” the truth is that we really can go back a second time. Unless it’s your honeymoon. A honeymoon truly is a once in a lifetime experience, so why not make it as memorable as possible.

It’s all in the details so let us plan your honeymoon adventure.


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Take a break from wedding planning and let us create the perfect honeymoon to your dream destination or help you decide where to go and what to do — from start to finish. We’ll set up all the details for a custom itinerary with just as much or as little interaction with our local team as desired and provide you with hotel or resort options you didn’t even know were in your budget. Contact us today and let’s start planning the honeymoon of your dreams. 

Retreats + Events

We understand that creating the perfect retreat or event is an art form. It’s about crafting moments that resonate, memories that last, and experiences that inspire. Whether it’s a corporate retreat, a family reunion, a team- building event, or any special occasion, we specialize in making your vision a reality.

Event Planning: Leave the logistics to us. From concept to execution, our skilled event planners meticulously handle every detail, ensuring your event runs smoothly and flawlessly.

Destination Selection: We offer an array of carefully curated destinations. Whether you seek the tranquil beauty of a beachfront escape, the rugged adventure of a mountain retreat, or the vibrant atmosphere of a city event, we have the perfect location for you.

Accommodation: Rest easy with our handpicked accommodations that cater to your group’s needs, whether it’s a cozy cabin nestled in the mountains or a luxurious beachfront resort.

Activities and Excursions: Customize your retreat with an array of activities and excursions, tailored to your group’s interests. From team- building exercises to cultural adventures, there’s something for everyone.

“My fiancé and I wanted to go on a honeymoon after we got married, but planning a wedding in 6 months was all we could handle. Instead of our honeymoon being an exciting adventure, the thought of it all was beyond stressful. We  reached out to Laura a month before we hoped to take our trip. Our entire honeymoon was planned for us in less than a week! Laura’s knowledge of the area (well many areas—we talked about Costa Rica, Panama and Bali), her speed in planning, her communication, and attention to detail is UNMATCHED. She listened to what we wanted, planned what we wanted, stuck to our budget, AND added so many activities we never even thought of—and, best of all, she eliminated every ounce of our stress. We give Laura a 10/10. She’s a rockstar.”

Liz Frayer

Newport Beach, CA