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“Is there anything in the world sadder than a train standing in the rain?”

– Paulo Coehlo

Expert Journey Planning
+ Advice

Effective immediately, and in order to better serve our active clients, all journey planning fees need to be initiated with a $50 fee before we begin working together. This is after our initial consultation and can be applied against total journey planning fees.

What is Journey Planning? A Journey Planner, or Travel Planner, is not a Travel Agent. We are not Travel Agents. As your Journey Planner, we plan your journey. We help you decide where to go, how to get there, where to stay, what to do while you are there, and so much more. We are like a personal assistant for the planning of your vacation. A Travel Agent BOOKS the flights, train tickets, and so on. At Get Out There Tours + Travel, we have added some of the Travel Agent duties into the Journey Planning services (like hotel bookings, drivers, etc) and have left some for a la carte add ons.

person holding global map

For example, while we certainly will suggest the best airline and routing for your trip for no additional cost, we can help you book flights for an additional fee. This includes the booking process only, and should you need to cancel your reservation, amend, or manage the reservation in any manner, additional fees will be charged. Please refer to our Flight Booking page.

Journey Planning ALWAYS saves you money, whether it is in time, or the added value of having someone check each hotel booking site for the best price available. Using our past experiences will prove invaluable. Visit our Testimonials page for some reviews from some very happy travelers who’ve had us plan their journeys. Use the Contact Form to enquire about the pricing for us to plan your next getaway.

Benefits of using Get Out There Tours+Travel to plan your journey:

  1. You will gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience on your destination including:  
      • Cultural nuisances
      • Food Tips
      • Destination expertise
      • Local contacts
      • International and domestic flight reservation advice (and booking of flights for small fee)
      • Transportation option such as private car and driver, local airlines, trains, boats and ferrys, etc
      • Trends and off-the-beaten track suggestions
      • Hotel deals and value-added bonuses
      • Local tours and adventures and local guides
      • Responsible tourism philosophy and practical advice
      • Guidance with logistics like money matters, language barriers, governmental rules and regulations, travel advisories, travel immunizations, etc
      • How to be a traveler and not a tourist
  2. We are your planning partner. We know some enjoy the research and planning process and will help as little or as much as you decide you like. Planning a trip can be very time consuming, especially turning over as many stones as we do. We will decide together during our initial consult how much or little you’d like to be involved.
  3. Money saving planning and advice. We know what’s a rip off, where the deals are and how to obtain them. Our small fee for planning your journey will be offset by your savings – guaranteed. You might find a cheaper package but you won’t find one with our level of accommodation, professionalism of local guides, and 24/7 availability for questions while traveling.
  4. We’ve been there. We’ve traveled at all levels from backpacking and staying in hostels and at homestays to camping to Airbnbs to four and five star accommodations and we can help you decide on where to splurge and where you can downgrade to save some money. We’ll help you immerse yourself in the destination through participation in local experiences instead of just ticking off the mainstream tourist stops. We’ll steer you away from vendors which don’t practice compassionate and responsible tourism. 

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.“-Anaïs Nin

Our mission is to create a once in a lifetime journey which will exceed anything you could dream it could be while enhancing your knowledge of the people and the land you visit. It is our goal to help you seek, explore, discover, and grow from the experience. Travel should leave you awestruck and forever changed for having been there.