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Flight Booking

Whether you are part of one of our Group Tours or a Solo Traveler, we will always recommend the best flight schedule and airline for your trip AT NOT ADDITIONAL COST. If you wish us to HELP you book it (sometimes this means while on the phone together or sometimes we will do it completely without your involvement), we are happy to help.

laptop with the word flight and an airplane image on it

Our fees for Flight Booking Services are:

+$75 for 2 travelers on the same booking for (1) one way, round trip, or open jaw flight routing

+$85 for 3-4 travelers on the same booking

Additional services past the booking process will be charged at a rate of $25 per hour (hold times can add up so please consider calling the airline yourself first). Additional services include, but are not limited to, seating changes, excess baggage purchases, name changes (almost always not possible for international flights), date changes, cancellations, or other amendments.

Unfortunately, we cannot book mileage tickets for you but include free consultation services about the feasibility of using your miles or points for your trip for all customers traveling on one of your tours or trips.