Top Ten Holiday Gifts to Help the Traveler on Your List Pack More Efficiently

The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you have a friend or family member who’s a passionate traveler with a knack for staying organized, you’re in luck! This year, consider giving them a gift that will not only fuel their wanderlust but also help them keep their adventures in order. We’ve put together a list of the top ten holiday gifts for the organized traveler in your life. From compact packing solutions to smart tech gadgets, these gifts will make their journeys even more enjoyable.

We have searched high and low for the perfect Travel Document Holder and finally have found the one that checks all the boxes: compact and thin, lightweight, RFIC Blocking, with the perfect array of pockets and card holders – the Osprey Arcane Zip Wallet. This document holder/passport wallet fits in a small sling bag or fanny pack, or in the outside pocket of a travel wallet. We love the outside pocket for boarding passes or even your smartphone so everything you need to board your flight fits in one wallet.

Belloy Lite Sling

Hands down, our favorite Sling Bag is the Bellroy Lite Sling (or the Bellroy Venture Sling for more size options). The magnetic strap makes it easy to take off and put on, its lightweight washable fabric is smooth to the touch and soft to wear crossbody style, and its expandability makes it the perfect Everyday Carry (EDC) bag for travel and use at home. Some travelers opt for two sizes – one for airline travel and a larger one for use once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Lululemon Dance Studio Pant

Travel / Yoga Pants come in all shapes and sizes. Our favorite is a knock-off of Lululemon’s Dance Studio Pant for a third of the price. This is a legit great travel pant and comes in over half a dozen colors.

Another Lulu knock-off that we use ourselves is this popular Infinity Neck Scarf with Hidden Passport Zip Pocket. It’s made from a lighter fabric than the

Infinity Neck Scarf

Lululemon ones but equally as soft and comfy enough to be worn inflight. The sewn in zip pocket is just big enough to hold a passport and some cash and is a nifty alternative to money belts or neck pouches.

A handy Stocking Stuffer accessory under $10 we know your nomad won’t have is one of these

Clip on Sunglasses Holders

Clip On Sunglasses Holders. Also available in tons of color option and styles, this case is lightweight and very flat and can easily be clipped onto a backpack or travel purse for easy access while on excursions. This version now comes in a three pack for $9.00.


Hero Gear Clip

Hero Gear Clip

Everyone could use some help keeping their gear off the floor in a public restroom when the coat hooks are broken or nonexistent. The best way to do that is with a Hero Gear Clip. These amazing gadgets hang on tables, doors, grab handles, and more to keep your item nearby and germ free. The unlimited uses will amaze even the traveler who has it all.

PGYTECH Wash Pouch

Your minimalist traveler and over packer alike will both find uses for this uber practical toiletry kit. This pouch has incredible internal organization and opens up like an accordion for use on a counter top and also has a hanging strap to keep it out of the way on a towel bar or robe hook. The amount of toiletries that fit in this washroom pouch / hygiene kit are unbelievable and the quality is exceptional and it’s of our Founder’s favorite pieces of new gear purchased in the last six months.

PGYTECH Electronics Organizer

The little brother to the above-mentioned toiletry kit is this epic electronics pouch. Like its bigger brother, this tech pouch opens up accordion style to give you easy access to all of the compartments inside. This will easily fit all of your favorite tech bits and bobs and make them readily accessible and easy to put away when it’s time to move on to the next hotel.

Osprey Carryon

In the Luggage category, we are always on the search for carryon luggage under 5 pounds to beat the crazy International carryon weight regulations. Osprey has been ticking all the boxes with some new backpacks and bags and we are loving their rolling bags. Amazon has the Osprey 40 Litre Daylight Convertible Carryon on sale for $147 at the moment which is $50 off and it weighs under 5 pounds! Oh, and it converts into a backpack for places where wheeling a bag is not the best option. Your adventurer will most likely say this is their favorite present of all!

INIU Charger

Power banks flood the tech gear market these days and more often than not they falsely claim their power. INIU chargers are quality chargers at a fraction of the cost, and our top pick is the palm sized, lighter than most, INIU 10,000 mAh Portable Charger with Built-in Cables and Touch LED Display and works with tablets, phones, and small devices. While the included cables are not the best, the charger itself is fast charging and its compact size makes it a must have carryon item. This item is currently $21 with coupon applied.

INVIZI Charger

Bonus Item: A multiport wall or power strip charger like this awesome INVIZI 65W Charger with 3 Ports has enough power to charge a Macbook or similar and is half the size of the charger sold with the laptop, plus it has to extra ports allowing for up to three devices to be charged at the same time. We love travel items with multi purpose uses and this one tops our list while coming in $20 cheaper that the popular Anker brand.

We could go on and on with suggestions. Check our What To Pack, Travel Essentials, and Book Store or past blog sections on our website for tons of other ideas or if your traveler is booked on one of our upcoming trips, there will be a packing list linked there specific to their trip. We are pretty sure you will find just the right gift for any globe traveler you are shopping for this season.

Note: Some of these gifts include Affiliate Links from Amazon and we may receive a tiny commission if you purchase using the link. We’ve provided other links as well for items not available on Amazon or with better pricing elsewhere. Happy Holiday Shopping!